Come 2013, even postgraduate courses at Delhi University will undergo a radical structural change. They will no longer be time-bound but credit based. And students will be able to collect credits for PG courses even at the undergraduate level.

To make the changes at the UG level and to facilitate lateral entry for students, PG courses will no longer be restricted to two years, DU officials say. A student who accumulates the requisite credits within a year will complete the course in one year.

“With structural changes at the undergraduate level, there will be similar changes at the postgraduate level. There will be lateral entry, and the postgraduate study structure will be credit based. So, students will complete a course whenever they earn the required credits . This will enable mobility of students and lateral entry in other universities,” said vice chancellor Dinesh Singh.

As per the plan, students will need to study for at least two semesters to complete a PG course. DU is also planning to add a component of research in the four-year undergraduate courses for students to earn credits. These will help them get lateral entry into PG courses and utilize the credits earned at the UG level.

“Research will be optional at the undergraduate level. Not all students will go on to pursue master’s . But those who intend to can earn credits via research work at the undergraduate level. If a PG course requires six credits and the student has earned three at the UG level, they can complete the course in the first year itself,” said Singh.(TOI)