IIT Kanpur

Undergraduate research is a pedagogical tool that helps to channelize the immense academic energy and enthusiasm of the students to help them explore with curiosity the world around them. IITs, IISc’s and IIMs and other prestigious institutions thrive to promote such research. Time and again, they take initiatives in this direction to create knowledge based assets.

One such initiative launched by IIT Kanpur, with the help of its alumni network, is the SURGE Programme (Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for Excellence), which is created with an aim to encourage undergraduate research. Under this programme, students can take up summer research projects at IIT Kanpur or abroad and undertake short duration focused research projects to push their intellectual abilities.

The SURGE project happens in broadly two phases. One for the IITK students and other for the Non IITK students. The duration of the programme is 10 weeks during which the students working receive a stipend as well. An award plus a commendation certificate is given to those SURGE students who produce exceptional quality research during the period.

In addition to this foreign universities like the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, USA, and Ecole Centrale Paris, France, and Ecole Polytechnique, France have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IIT Kanpur for the SURGE programme where in students of IITK with exceptional talent are given a chance to pursue their research work in these prestigious institutions

Students are selected for the SURGE Programme based on their merit & inclination for research. The Student Undergraduate Research Committee, set up by the Dean, Research Generation and Planning has the job of selecting and shortlisting the candidates. Along with academic performance, student must have recognition and support of the faculty members and must obtain recommendation letter and mentorship from the concerned professor.

SURGE is also open for non IITK students as well. The selection criteria are similar though onlylimited number of non IITK students can apply since the seats are limited. Students from a list of colleges in India are eligible to apply.